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Better Not Broken, LLC is a Michigan-based corporation that seeks to assist and empower individuals and communities towards advancement and success.

It’s mission is to inspire, motivate and equip teens, college students and adults to overcome circumstantial roadblocks and progress towards personal life transformation.

   This is accomplished through the ‘Better Step Programs’ which provides mentorship, life coaching, community assistance and advocacy through public speaking.

Founded and led by Marvin Cotton Jr., the organization is an outgrowth of his personal triumphs of overcoming a poverty-stricken upbringing, being wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years and retaining his freedom by the overturning of that wrongful conviction.

Marvin Cotton Jr.

Founder & CEO

"Let me show you how to overcome pain and leverage life's opportunities.  Be great, be strong, be better, not broken" - Marvin Cotton Jr.

Marvin Cotton Jr. is the CEO of Better Not Broken, LLC.  His book details Cotton's personal triumphs over an up bringing marked by poverty as well as the overturning of a wrongful conviction.  This optimistic guide provides tools he learned in overcoming pain and leveraging life's opportunities.  He has spoken across the country at many universities, non-profits and corporations about mentorship, empowerment, and justice advocacy.


  Marvin Cotton Jr. is a motivational speaker for all people and is available for speaking engagements, trainings, and seminars.

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